As an extrovert, you have more power in today’s workplace than you realizeYou have the power to break bias, whether it is your own, others’, or systemic. You have the power to stop discrimination. You have the power to embrace a diverse and inclusive workplace where people can belong when they are authentic. You have the power to fundamentally change the predominant culture that has allowed personality type bias to marginalize so many introverts for so long. The Extrovert’s Guide, To Elevating Introverted Leaders in the Workplace will make everyone who reads it a better leader! Introverted aspiring leaders are presented with daily challenges that the average extroverted leader never experiences but has the power to eliminate. The Extrovert’s Guide highlights key issues like why belonging is the necessary next step in the introvert’s diversity and inclusion journey, the hard truth behind personality type bias and discrimination against introverts, how to empathize with introverts as an extrovert, and much more.